Basic Common Sense:

There are very few signs on our campsite: we rely on your common sense -
but sometimes you need a small reminder.

We generally "go with the flow" and accept people from all walks of life.

We have a smile ready for your arrival and understand you have travelled through hell and high water to get here, leaving behind traffic congestions, push and shoving queues, travel aches and pains, plus continuous hedgerows you failed to study in detail,

Now you have arrived!!

"Where are the toilets?"
"Is this our pitch?"
"We can't fit our tent here"
"Can we have a quiet spot?"
"…a sea view?"
"…level or our fridge does not work?"
"My wife needs to be close to the loos!"
"Will the chickens wake us early?"
"Blimey - look at the owners!"
"You sure we've made the right choice"
"It's a bit different!"

We know you'll like it though, so chill out, relax, next day you'd wish you'd booked longer!!

Entering and leaving the camp site you need to drive or cycle dead slow, beware of the elderly, the young and the free range animals on site, and those who have been on the 'Old Rosie' (cider)

Dogs we love dogs, but we hate poo! We do not tolerate any on site, whether you pick it up or not. Walk your dog regularly and always keep it on a lead. It is best to leave a noisy dog at home to guard your house.
We love dogs, but have a constant battle with inconsiderate owners.
Therefore, we are no longer accepting dogs during any children's holiday periods.

Mobile phones the ring tone of a mobile phone is not allowed on site.

Breathable ground sheets only for awnings.

One vehicle per pitch

Outside lights for caravans and motor homes, we would appreciate when they are not used could be turned off, so there's no light pollution, whilst watching the stars. So many Stars!

Radio if your neighbor can hear it it's too loud! Acoustic instruments we encourage, (unless you're playing is terrible of course!)

BBQ's please place off the grass on the bricks provided and the ashes put in the bin provided.

Large Outwell tents we can't accept over 4 berth in peak season. Other Large frame tents possible, our site is laid out in bays surrounded by stone walls and plants, so bear that in mind when booking talk to us first.

Departure time 12 noon, time for a lay in, breakfast, and the wife to pack.

Arrivals if your site is available (Contact us first) please enter after 8am.
If your site is occuppied pleasearrive no earlier than 12.30 pm

Fires we have braziers for you to hire, book early on arrival, only condition you must buy our logs and must keep a bucket of water along side and elect a fire warden between you.

The Firepit
There is a communal firepit you can share (undercover), logs can be bought at the farmhouse.

Sunsets due to Health and Safety we must insure you wear sunglasses during the sunset.

We welcome you to our site and hope we can accommodate your needs, have a good time, without upsetting your neighbours, don't forget school holidays are for young people, if you like the quiet come out of season!

Our campsite is our garden, we hope you and your family will respect our plants and the many hours we spend to keep it, so we can share it with you.